The Artist


About Me

Arti Bhola Goulatia was born in India and grew up surrounded by a rich culture, vibrant colors and diverse art & architecture.

Influenced by this wealthy reservoir, her creative journey started with a foray into the world of fashion. She studied fashion designing and worked extensively in the corporate world for over ten years. She worked with different fabrics and other mediums like leather to create a wide range of apparel, accessories and home furnishings.

Arti moved from India to the US, took a break from corporate life and started pursuing art full time. Since then she has been working with clay.  Her widespread experience in the fashion industry, particularly her sensitivity to the interplay of texture, design and pattern helped her transition into fine arts and influence her work to this day.

An extensive traveler, she draws inspiration from different cultures. Her style reflects a unique fusion of her ethnic heritage, world travels, fashion and contemporary art.

Arti’s work is recognized and featured in numerous national exhibitions and is part of various private collections. She lives in Massachusetts and continues to create new work.

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About My Work

Clay is my preferred medium, allowing me to transcend into this whole other world, with endless possibilities of expressing myself. The flexibility and limitations of clay continually inspire and challenge me. I favor its organic qualities as it complements natural flowing forms while allowing the inherent characteristics of the material to shine through.

My practice is diverse in approach and a fusion of my fashion background & various cultures I have been exposed to during my vast travels. The process starts with hand building and wheel throwing techniques. I interpret the female persona and often sculpt stylized fashion clay garments attempting to draw focus on her two sides - masculine and feminine! Additionally, experimenting with large scale sculptural forms, altering the shape of basic vessels, infusing them with design, texture & movements are all part of my ongoing exploration and a platform to convey my ideas.

Fashion & design were my first love, which evoked the development of the clay apparel series and continues to influence me till date. The work explores the dual aspect of women in today’s society. Some sculptures represent a shield/ armor and tackle the manly side of a strong and fashion conscious woman with a tough exterior, ready to take on the outside world. The flip side is this womanly and nurturing female, who fits right into my softer free flowing garments, wanting to feel protected and cared for.

The large scale and transformed wheel thrown forms surface from my interest to alter basic shapes. As humans we are constantly transforming and adapting ourselves. Life to me is all about twists and turns and how we shape and mold ourselves based on circumstances and the altered reality. I treat my work the same way. Having lived in three countries and visited over fifty, I have come face to face with the need to reboot, reinvent and adapt myself to change, both personally and professionally. These forms serve as the perfect backdrop to incorporate my thoughts and beliefs while drawing inspiration from my personal life experiences.

Continually seeking to innovate, each work of art I create has a story to tell!